What you can expect at the Toronto General Hospital

When will the Toronto General Hospital resume its usual services?
Update on June 9th, 2020

Please visit UHN's COVID-19 website for a comprehensive guide of what is happening at the hospital.

About visitors

Starting from Monday June 29th, 2020, patients who meet any of the following criteria will be allowed to bring a caregiver (also called an “Essential Care Partner”):

  • Patients with life-altering event:
    • Patients at end of life, requiring major surgery, critically ill, expected to receive a life-altering diagnosis, mental health crisis
  • Patients in situations of vulnerability:
    • Patient is under 18 years of age, cognitive impairment, significant developmental and/or intellectual disability; unable to effectively communicate.
  • Patients requiring assistance with significant care and safety needs:
    • Patients requiring escorts to appointments, requiring support to avoid significant physical/psychological harm, or to decrease heightened emotionality and responsive behaviours.
  • Long-stay patients:
    • More than 30 days.
  • Patients requiring transition of care support:
    • During significant transitions (e.g. complex discharge or admission).

If a patient needs the help of an essential care partner (caregiver) to come for his/her appointment, please contact our Clinic at (416) 340-5145 or 22q@uhn.ca a week before the appointment. We will prepare a letter so that the patient can come with the caregiver. The visitor will need to show the letter at the hospital entrance and undergo screening. Please see UHN’s policy about visitors.

If you are a caregiver (essential care partner), please read UHN’s pamphlet: What Essential Care Partners need to know before coming to UHN.

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Entrance restrictions at the Toronto General Hospital

Our Directions page shows only the routes accessible to patients.

  • The only TGH Entrances that are OPEN to patients are:
    • Elizabeth St. entrance (the closest entrance to our Clinic)
      • open for patients from 6:00 – 23:00
  • Gerrard St. entrance
    • open for dialysis patients from 6:00 – 23:00
  • Entrance to the Emergency Department on Elizabeth Street
    • For Emergencies only

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Entering the hospital

Everyone entering the Toronto General Hospital will be screened at the entrances of the hospital. There may be line-ups.

Mask Morrison2

There is a Universal Masking Policy All patients and approved visitors coming to UHN will be offered a Level 1 procedure masks.

  • Patients and approved visitors who arrive without a mask will be provided a mask at door screening.

  • Patients and approved visitors who arrive with their own mask will keep their mask and continue to wear it as they would have otherwise—as long as it is in in good repair. If the mask is of poor quality and/or ill-fitting, staff will ask them to wear the mask the hospital is offering. The patients and visitors can keep their own mask should they choose.

  • Everyone who enters a UHN site will be asked to perform hand hygiene.

The number of people in elevators is limited. Please read the signs in elevator lobbies.

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What we are doing at the Clinic to help you feel secure and comfortable

Before your arrival
  • We are booking one patient/family at a time.
  • We are coordinating with other outpatient clinics in the hospital.
  • There is a no visitor policy at the Toronto General Hospital. If a patient needs the help of a caregiver to come for his/her appointment, please contact our Clinic at (416) 340-5145 or 22q@uhn.ca a week before the appointment. We will prepare a special form so that the patient can come with the caregiver. The visitor will need to show the form at the hospital entrance. Please see UHN’s policy about visitors.
Once you arrive at the Clinic
  • A plexiglass barrier will be installed shortly at the reception area to separate staff and patients
  • The names and contact information of the individuals who accompany patients will be recorded. In the event that someone indeed catches COVID-19, this information allows us to find everyone who may have been in contact.
  • All patients and caregivers visiting our Clinic must wear masks.
  • Medical staff at the Clinic will be wearing masks and face shields.
  • Hand sanitizers and extra masks are available to patients if necessary
  • The echocardiograms (“Echo”), the ECGs, and all procedures are done safely for each patient at each visit.
  • Consents to treatment can be given verbally without signing papers. This minimizes the sharing of paper and pens.

Our goal is for you to feel secure and comfortable. If you have any concerns, please let our staff members know.

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Virtual appointments during the pandemic

Our Clinic are arranging to see many of our patients through teleconferencing (OTN, which is an easy to arrange and secure online health service in your own home). Our patient flow coordinator (Radhika) will call you before your appointment to provide you with more guidance.

Depending on the individual situation, our Clinic may be able to provide telephone appointments for non-urgent concerns. This may include prescription renewals, and new, non-urgent concerns.

Please call us at (416) 340-5145 if you would like to set up a telephone appointment or if you have any concerns.

And remember you can always email us.

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