Connecting to services

Services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

  • helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. For example:
    • residential supports
    • caregiver respite (a break for family members who care for individuals with 22q11.2DS or other long term health issues)
    • community participation supports (like recreation, volunteering, employment, or in-home supports)
    • professional and specialized services
    • person-directed planning
    • other supports to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities become more involved in their communities
  • nine agencies across Ontario to serve you.
  • funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

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Services for individuals with mental health conditions

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Support for Caregivers

Taking care of a family member with a disability requires lots of dedication and hard work. Often, caregivers themselves need a break to prevent burnout. Respite services lets caregivers take a short break from the routine of caring for a family member.

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Additional resources

For more resources, please see our Resources page.

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