Timing your COVID-19 booster dose and flu shot

by 22q Administrator

For anyone with 22q, this is how to schedule your COVID-19 booster dose and flu shot:

You should have the COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters - the “bivalent” one now available is especially good at preventing the latest strain of the virus and from getting really sick from it.

You should have the vaccination 3 months from your last vaccination OR 3 months from your last COVID-19 infection.

So, you need the vaccination now if your last COVID-19 vaccination or last COVID-19 infection was anytime before the end of August (if we count back from the end of November).

This vaccination will help protect you for the holiday season and any visiting you may do then.

And everyone with 22q should have the flu shot - because this year the flu is a very nasty one.

As long as you are older than age 4, you can have the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as, or at any time before or after any other vaccines, including the flu shot. How convenient is that!

Where is the easiest to get the latest bivalent COVID-19 vaccination and flu shot?

A participating pharmacy

To book ahead using their online system, you will need an Ontario health card (OHIP) or any other form of government-issued identification. And a computer and your postal code - having someone do this for you would be great!

Both COVID-19 Vaccine and Flu shots are available for walk-in patients at the Outpatient Pharmacy at Toronto General Hospital from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. You can also ask at your local pharmacy to see if they accept walk-ins.