Flu vaccines available to the general public starting on November 1

by 22q Administrator

The flu is caused by viruses that change and adapt quickly. A flu vaccine made last year will not offer enough protection against the viruses that may make you sick this year. You should get a flu shot every year so your immune system can protect you from the newest variety of flu viruses. Please visit the Government of Ontario’s Flu Facts website to see where you can get the flu shot and how you can avoid getting the flu.

The flu vaccine in the needle-form is NOT a live attenuated vaccine. Only the intranasal flu vaccine (the “flu mist”) is live. Please discuss with your doctor to see if the mist form is suitable for you.

Flu shots for the general public will be available starting November 1st, 2022. It is safe to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the flu shot at the same time. The Outpatient Pharmacy at the Toronto General Hospital offers both the COVID-19 vaccine (call ahead) and the flu vaccine (walk in) from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, subject to availability.

What is the difference between a cold and the flu?
(Information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Flu Facts (Ontario.ca)