Our pamphlets

Leaflet on 22q and our clinic (Card for caregivers)

This one-sheet, two-sided leaflet contains a quick introduction to both the syndrome and our clinic. It is a particularly useful resource for caregivers who need to explain 22q (22q11.2DS) to physicians who are unfamiliar with the syndrome.

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General introduction to our clinic

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Pamphlets for individuals who may have 22q

For adults who have schizophrenia:

For adults who were born with heart defects:

For adults who have calcium or thyroid problems:

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Pamphlet for health professionals

For physicians, nurses, dietitians, therapists, imaging technicians, and any health professionals who work with adults with 22q: (Note: This pamphlet still use the short form "22q11.2DS" for the syndrome.)

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Pamphlet for Educators

For school principals, teachers, and members of the school resource team:

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Transition Factsheets

There are many things to think about as a person moves from childhood to adulthood. Our transition series is specially designed for teenagers / young adults with 22q as well as their family members or caregivers.

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