Important cautions and considerations for students with 22q11.2DS

Sensitivity to caffeine

  • Reduce caffeine intake, especially cola, “energy” drinks, and coffee, considered as a contributory factor to anxiety and/or agitation and/or tremor

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Delays common in all aspects of structural and functional development

  • Anticipating a slower trajectory and changing capabilities over time, with necessary supports provided, can help reduce frustrations and maximize function.

  • A good match between the expectations and demands of the environment and the social and cognitive capabilities of the individual will minimize the risk of chronic stress and of exploitation.

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Increased need for sleep

  • Regular, early bedtime and more hours of sleep than other same-aged individuals can help reduce irritability and improve learning and functioning.

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Increased need for structure, routine, certainty, sameness

  • Environmental adjustments to improve stability and limit changes can help reduce anxiety and frustration.

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