June 4: A new health information system is coming to UHN

by 22q Administrator

On June 4, all UHN hospitals will start using a new system called Epic. Thank you for your patience as we make this important change!

Here is a pdf file of the information shown below.

Why is UHN using a new health information system?
  • To enhance patient experience and safety
  • To create a single, digital chart for each patient used across all UHN clinics and services
  • To make finding patient information easier and communication among care teams more efficient and secure To use less paper
  • To give patients more access to their medical information and new ways to communicate with their care team

Epic is used by many other health care organizations, including Trillium Health Partners, SickKids, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Women’s College, the Mayo Clinic, and more.

What to expect at UHN on and shortly after June 4
Wait times while at the hospital
  • Things may take a little longer at the information desk, check-in, or when waiting to see your provider as staff get used to using the new system.
  • Let your care team know if you have any concerns during your wait, such as if you need help finding food or drinks, a place to rest, or contacting a caregiver.
  • If you are getting picked up after your appointment, let your driver know you may be at the hospital for longer than usual.
  • If you are using Wheel-Trans, alert your care team so that they know about your pick up time.
  • UHN has free wireless Internet in most areas for you to use. Look for “Guest Wireless Network” in your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings, or visit the Patient & Family Library at your hospital site.
Staff using mobile devices
  • You may notice more members of your care team using smartphones and tablets than before to access your medical information.
  • These devices are secure and your information is safe.
New features in myUHN

If you have questions or concerns, please speak to your care team or ask to speak with the manager of your clinic or care area.

To learn more about UHN’s clinical transformation project (Synapse), visit www.uhn.ca/Synapse.