A Way to Support Ukrainian Refugees, Including Those with 22q Differences and Other Disabilities

by 22q Administrator

If you are looking for a way to help Ukrainian refugees, we would like to tell you about an option.

22q11.2 Society advisor and basic scientist, Dr. Beata Nowakowska, is housing families, feeding newly arriving refugees at the train station in Warsaw, and working closely with the Polish 22q Association (Stowarzyszenie 22q11 Polska) to support families of children with disabilities, including those affected by chromosome 22q11.2 differences, as well as others arriving daily to Poland. Current estimates suggest that >1.2 million Ukrainians are now in Poland and numbers are expected to continue rising. To support these efforts, Stowarzyszenie 22q11 Polska has created a fundraiser, with a website in Polish, English and Ukrainian (the payment page is in English as well).

Please consider making a donation.

Every little bit helps. Thank you.